Monday, May 5, 2014

Canada Update

So we made it to the 'Great White North'! :)  Actually that really is a misconception! Although parts of Canada can get very cold, the Fraser Valley where we're from has relatively mild temperatures year round. 

It's spring here and the grass is green, the trees and flowers are blossoming and we get an almost daily mix of sunshine and showers. 

The day after we arrived Jason's sister got married. 

It was a beautiful day and we were thankful we could be part of it! 

I got the two boys all dressed up, but even though I took at least a dozen pictures it seemed I could never get them both to sit still at once so this is the best photo I have!

The family picture wasn't much better, but oh well. 

Although Jason's time in Canada was very short, only four days, he did manage to go snowboarding one morning.  The pictures he took of the views were phenomenal!

Yup, there is still snow on the mountains! 

Five days after we arrived Jayden started school; the same school his Dad attended when he was growing up. 

He was very excited and so far it's been going well. 

In the morning we wait by the road and when Justin sees the bus coming he gets very excited. I think he can't wait till he can go to school too, but I'm in no rush for him to grow up.

The first morning Jayden was picked up I even choked back tears. Although he's almost completed two years of school, he's never been on a school bus before, and it just seemed like another milestone had come and gone.  My oldest son is getting so grown up and independent!

The suite in the tri-plex we call home is fully furnished, spacious and very comfortable.  We are very thankful and love living here!

What a great view from our back balcony! 

After school, if the weather is nice, we sometimes go out and explore our neighborhood. 

There are lots of open fields nearby, flowering trees and bushes, beautiful mountains and wildlife. 

After 6 years of concrete city living, I've really learned to appreciate the beauty of God's creation. 

As we explore we admire the apple blossoms. 

And the boys have fun watching the dandelion seeds take off on the breeze.

Taking a break, we sit on the bridge and watch fish dart back and forth in the gently flowing water. 

Another afternoon I put the boys to work scrubbing the back patio furniture and deck. 

Then Opa and Oma brought dinner and we enjoyed it outside. 

We also spent an afternoon exploring a nearby tulip field. 

It was beautiful! 

The tulips came in all kinds of colours, shapes and sizes.

The snow capped mountains in the background made the scene just that much more striking.

This Canadian province is not called 'Beautiful British Columbia' for nothing!

The boys also enjoy visits to the public library. 

And spending time with family and friends.

The only sad/bad thing that has happened is that our little 2 year old fell and broke his elbow this past weekend. :( 

Thankfully he's seemed to have adjusted quite well to the full arm cast and isn't in pain any longer. 

Now just 19 more days till Jason joins us again, God willing, and 22 more days till I'm due! Yes, I'm counting! :)

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  1. Have a good rest and enjoy that beautiful BC! As always: you capture what you are 'going thru' so well in what you write and pic's you send. I miss visiting it.
    And we'll continue to pray for health and the safe return of Jason and the arrival of the baby DV.