Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Back to the Capital

February 22, 2014 (7 weeks ago)
Guest Post by Daniella M.

As we made our way back from the beach to the capital city we were once again mesmerized by all the things we saw: broken shacks, crowded together; mothers sweeping their tiny yards while naked babies crawled around beside them; skinny cows and goats wandering over the busy highway; overcrowded tap taps with wheelbarrows, tires and wood strapped to the top; and big trucks barreling down the road loaded with sacks of food while women and children slept among the sacks. 

Once inside the bustling capital we were quickly surrounded by a mass of slow moving tap taps and other vehicles.

At a snails pace we crawled through the busy streets where vehicles moved in all directions with what looked like little rhyme or reason. We had to wait for quite sometime for a stalled vehicle and then had to weave through bustling markets as vendors tried to sell us their goods through the taxi window.


As we passed a crowded tent city I tried to imagine what it would be like to live there. 

It made me sad thinking of the squalid, cramped conditions that these people had to endure day in and day out.

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