Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Week In Pictures

How do you describe a whole week in one blog post?

Easy: post pictures, lots of them.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, just looking at these can tell you as much as I can about our week  in about 46,000 words. Oh and photo credit goes to Linda and Esther. My camera is broken. :(  If you happen to have an extra camera laying around - let me know!

This first picture is one that was taken driving from the airport to our home. The roads are currently a patchwork of paved and unpaved sections.

Colourful tap taps flit left and right between traffic.

Very often you can expect a car wipe down with a diesel rag while you are driving. Yes, this teenager is hanging over the front of our vehicle while we are driving.

Just because we live in the city doesn't mean there aren't any animals. Besides, rats, mice, cockroaches, mosquitoes and ants, we also see our fair share of cows, goats and chickens.

There she is, sweet baby Melissa. It was fun to take turns cuddling her as she was born the night our guests arrived.

On Friday Jason took our guests with him  to work as their were empty seats on his flights. Here's a good shot of what part of the city looks like from above.

Flying along the coast.

Untouched, natural beauty.

Small, inhabited islands.

Landing on Pignon's grassy runway.

The girls by the plane.

They had some extra time there so Jason rented some motorcycles and went to visit friends.

The sights you see along the village roads.

Hair time.

Typical village scene.

Our little friend Mona, all grown up. 

Mali and his youngest brother.

Visiting Djempsky's school.

A stop at UCI's mission compound.

On the way back, flying over Port au Prince.

A stop at the Apparent Project and the surrounding areas where our teams have built many houses.

Visiting the homes the girls helped build when they came on a previous trip.

A Saturday trip to the mall.

Vendors, vendors everywhere.

Wanna buy some sea salt?

Or goat parts?

How about some clothes?

All four of us found something we liked and had fun bartering for our purchases. I had to laugh when I heard the vendors chatter excitedly that things must be looking up in Haiti as they now had white tourists shopping at the local markets!

Sight seeing in the city.

Exploring Fort Jacques.

Two beautiful days at the beach.


watching sailboats float by,


(the little brother wasn't about to be left out)

admiring the coral and tropical fish,

and enjoying the pool.

At night we admired the beautiful colours of the sunset.

Esther took some photos of us.

Two movie stars.

The boy with the juicy lips.

Brotherly love.

The sun's parting glow.

And the final two pictures are of the boys enjoying their dinner.

This one is trouble; just look at those eyes!

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