Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Pilot's Pictures

I know I've kind of taken over the 'Krul Family Blog' but  it's simply because I enjoy writing. Ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil I was jotting down my thoughts and ideas on paper and it wasn't long before I was filling diaries and journals with stories about my family, friends and pets. 

However, since this is not just my blog but our family blog, I thought it would be nice to include some snapshots of Jason's life too.  This morning I took the liberty to go through Jason's cellphone and upload some of his recent photos to give you an idea what he sees on a day to day basis. 

This first shot is of the MAF hanger. 

I felt I should include it, because a) that's where his morning starts each day, and b) it won't be there much longer. MAF is  in the processing of moving it because the Haitian Government is building a new terminal which, if I understand correctly, will be partially on top of the MAF hanger, so they better move it as soon as possible!

This next shot is of Port au Prince from above. The black smoke billowing skyward is most likely due to some protest where in most cases they set up burning tire barricades. 

Once outside the city, he sees a lot of this. Although it isn't true that Haiti has no trees left, there are a lot of bare mountains. 

As a pilot you have to keep your eyes open for air traffic. Here one of the other MAF pilots flies past in the Caravan. 

Sometimes there's too many passengers to fit in just one airplane so then multiple airplanes fly to one destination. That was the case recently when Jason flew to Ouanaminthe. 

Airplanes generally draw a crowd, as very few land there. 

View from above.

Parked at the edge of the dirt runway at Ouanaminthe. 

Co-pilot for the day. 

Caravan coming in for landing at the dirt airstrip in Mole St. Nicolas. 

Ocean view alongside the runway. 

Kids checking out the plane. 

This is cool! 

Salt flats along the coast.

River flowing into the sea. 

The island of La Gonave in sight. 

Capsized ship off the coast. 

Homemade guitar. 

Here is a picture of Jonas, the airstrip agent with an infected foot. Jason just happened to be flying in a team of Doctors that day, so he was able to send Jonas with them to the hospital to get his foot looked at.

Sunset in Jeremie.

View from the cockpit. 

Light shining from heaven. 


  1. Nice! Just curious - what are salt flats.

  2. the pictures are stunning! thanks for sharing, Will