Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Of Paved Roads and Rainy Afternoons

Dark rain clouds smother the sun as I stare out the front screen door. 

Peering through the black mesh I notice a dozen or more mosquitoes clinging on, waiting for their opportunity to sneak in and attack undetected. I give the screen a quick flick and they retreat, only to return several seconds later. Even with the thick cloud layer, it’s exceptionally warm and humid today. 

Checking my watch I notice it’s already after 2:30 p.m.. It’s time to get Justin out of bed so we can pick up Jayden from school! 

I make my way down the hallway and crack open the bedroom door. Quietly making my way over to his crib I pause when I see my baby fast asleep. Long eye lashes feather down over rosy cheeks as his right arm clutches his favourite blanket. His small body, for once still, is completely relaxed in sleep. 

Tiptoeing to the change table I find his shark sandals in the bottom drawer. Then leaning over the side of the crib I carefully slip them on. Still sleeping, I lift him and his blanket out of the crib and cuddle them close. He opens his eyes sleepily and then closes them again as I carry him to the kitchen and grab my purse and keys off the counter. 

Outside, I unlock the Prado and fasten him into his big boy car seat. At almost 15 months our baby is growing up fast!

I wait for Anoud to roll open the gate and then slowly back up unto our rocky street. A white goat grazes on some grass just a few meters outside our gate. 

Although he’s not tied to anything and there is no one in sight, I am certain he is being watched. 

I turn right, then left, then right again. First up, then back down and then up again. Glancing out of the passenger window I see a plethora of houses built in a ravine. 

A little further, I slow down and stop behind a broken down vehicle, something made obvious by the tree branch hanging off of his bumper. 

I wait for a break in oncoming traffic and then maneuver quickly around it. Up ahead is a blind corner and I do not want to be in the pathway of any upcoming vehicles heading down the steep incline. At the top of the incline I turn right onto Delmas 83. The now paved road is wonderful! 

Road construction has been happening all over Port au Prince and although it often causes long traffic delays, the progress and hope it brings for the country and her people makes it worth it! 

I soon turn off the main road onto a side road to get to Jayden’s school. These little side roads are not paved yet. 

After several twists and turns I arrive at the school gate. The guard waves me in, and I quickly find a parking spot. With Justin in my arms we make our way to the Kindergarten and Preschool playground. 

Since Jayden likes to play for a little while after school I put Justin down and spend a few moments chatting with the teachers. Justin quickly finds Jayden’s juice bottle in the row of backpacks and lunch kits and runs off with it. 

Two of Jayden’s friends then lift him onto a metal rocking horse. 

When he starts to complain I help him down, and then together we head over to the swing set where Jayden is swinging. Saturday will be flag day in Haiti so the kids made Haitian flags today. 

When it is 3:00 p.m. and the neighbour children are finished school as well, we head to their meeting areas to pick them up. Then all together we make our way back to the vehicle. 

“Mom, I made this Haitian flag at school, but I think we should make a Canadian one at home! I wasn’t born in Haiti, I was born in Canada, so I should have a Canadian flag! Can you help me make one Mom?” 

 “Sure!” I smile down at his animated face and tousle his hair. 

Back in the Prado I make sure everyone is safely belted in before heading for home once again. As I drive the sky continues to darken with heavy rain clouds. Now that it is rainy season, we have almost daily afternoon or evening rains. After dropping off the neighborhood kids we head on home, making it safely inside just before the first drops begin to fall.

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