Monday, December 17, 2012

Favourite Photos

With all the busyness of guests and teams these last few months followed by weeks of being sick, I feel I kind of missed blogging about some of those moments and memories that make life special.  No time like the present to catch up though, so here goes!

This is probably my all time favourite picture of Justin.

Taken in October, I just love how it captures his personality; mischievous and fun-loving!

This next one is actually a story in itself, but I will just touch on it briefly for now. Here are Palo, Wilson and a new friend Jedline. Each Saturday afternoon they come for lunch. You may remember the story "Loving in Deed and in Truth" where I wrote about the boys that came knocking on my gate all the time. Well now instead of knocking they come visit each week. We chat, eat lunch together and then memorize a scripture verse in Creole. It has become a very special time and they still regularly put me to shame with their kind gestures!

One Saturday afternoon we had the church youth group over to bake cookies. I had to pick them up from the church and in order for everyone to fit I had Jayden sit in the front with me. 

His little mouth rarely stops talking and this day was no exception. 

"Mom! The road sure is bumpy! If you drive too fast your head will hit the ceiling. Then when we get home you will have to go to the bathroom and brush your hair. (Never mind the bump on my head I guess). And if you're busy brushing your hair we won't have time to bake cookies. So maybe you should slow down a little!" 

I guess he has cause and effect down pat, but where does he get this stuff from? I wasn't going more than 10km/h and my hair is lucky if I spend more than 10 seconds on it in the morning!

Anyway, back to the youth group bake event, we sure had a lot of fun!

The first job was to sift the flour.

This is what we sifted out of only 4 cups of flour. 

Then we mixed up the dough.

And finally we decorated the cookies together; all the while listening to Christmas music and having a grand time! Jayden was right smack in the middle of the fun of course, keeping everyone entertained with his silly sayings.

The next few photos are of the DR.  Although I had contacted Dengue in Haiti, it takes a 5-7 days to develop symptoms so the first two days of our trip I was still feeling mostly okay.

Jason flew us over in a MAF airplane and I love this picture of Justin waving at the clouds.

Jayden all dressed up in his pilot uniform, just like his Daddy.

A beautiful shot of the kids sitting in the ocean.

Jason and Jayden's crab catching collection.

And two little pirates playing on the beach.

I just had to throw this one in because I love how the orange table cloth draws out Jayden's freckles here!

From 2012
Finally; these last two pictures are just funny! 

Justin and Jayden play really well together but occassionaly Jayden gets annoyed when Justin breaks his lego tower or sits on his train set.

To remedy this, Jayden, my great problem solver, made a 'jail' for his brother. Justin at first thought it was interesting...

But then when he realized his favourite brother didn't want to play with him, he was not very impressed.

Look at that face!

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