Saturday, June 18, 2011

God's Beautiful Creation

"Mom, it's time to wake up."

I roll over and sleepily open my eyes. A cute, pajama clad boy is standing by the bed, one hand holding his special blanket and the other his favourite dog Cocoa.

"Okay, Jay. I'm coming."

I crawl sleepily out of bed and together we walk to the playroom and get comfortable on the couch.

Outside the early morning sun bathes the world in a golden glow as doves softly coo. It's so beautiful and peaceful.

Even in a country, known for her poverty, filth and chaos, God's beautiful creation shines through.

As I recall the beauty I've seen here, I remember the words of Psalm 19:1.

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.


  1. Yes Will, Haiti has its beauty.

  2. soo pretty! :) Can't wait to be there in the summer :)

  3. now i REALLY want to come back!! :) so looking forward to seeing you guys!


  4. So beautiful! I don't comment often enough but love reading your blog. Think of you guys've had a lot of stress this past year!

  5. Beautiful shots. Seems to be a trend this weekend, contemplating the works of His hands. Dave Forney has a post with some incredible moon eclipse shots. Don't know if you follow him or not.


    Jenn Wolf (headquarters)

  6. Amazingly beautiful indeed...

  7. Hey Will and Jay, Can't wait to see you here in Rosedale, I guess I'll be meeting you for the first time

  8. great verse to accompany those pictures. really enjoyed the presentation tonight :) God bless