Friday, May 20, 2011

Cleaning and Dreaming

Achoo! Dust tickles my nose and I sneeze.

I pick up a pair of shoes and proceed to load them into Jayden’s cart. Once the cart is full Jayden pulls it proudly into the bedroom and dumps the shoes on a pile. With our trip to Canada a mere month away it’s time to crack down on organizing and cleaning. Binders, books, papers, shoes, clothes; everything gets piled into the cart and transported from the closet to the bedroom floor.

Dust swirls through the air. I sneeze again. I think I’m allergic.

Jayden loves helping. “Look at this Mom!” He says over and over again holding up some random object. When he finds 3 skull caps in Jason’s flight helmet box he’s ecstatic!

“Look at my hat!” He pulls on a red one and then passes me a yellow. I pull mine on and giggling we check out the results in the mirror.

“Mom, look a fish puzzle!” Hat still on his head he gets to work. Two seconds later it’s pulled apart and five seconds after that it’s all back together!

Just then a crack of thunder rumbles. I check my watch, it’s only 2:00 p.m.. Rainy season is here. Through the open window I feel the breeze pick up. It swirls the dust around in the closet. I pull myself up of the ground and move closer to the window. A cool breeze on a hot day, what a blessing. Looking past the screen and bars I see dark clouds rolling in.

“Looks and feels like rain Jayden.”

Several minutes later a gentle rain falls, cooling the humid city. Finding a spot on the floor beside Jayden I close my eyes and dream of grass fields, cool air, and mountains with thousands of trees. Canada. Only four weeks away!

My thoughts drift over the faces of family members and friends; it’ll be so nice to see them again!

Pushing the puzzle aside Jayden nestles down beside me.

“When are we going to Grandpa’s house Mom?”

“Soon Jayden.”

“Can I feed the horses carrots and play with the little Tigger and Winnie the Pooh and Piglet?”


“But it’s first my Thomas Birthday right?”

“Yes, your birthday comes first.”

He sighs contently and then we both close our eyes and continue to dream.


  1. Grandpa has a huge bag of carrots ready OK

  2. wow, I thought I had alot of junk! hope you don't have to sleep in that bed tonight! :)

  3. Jayden you look just like your dad.

  4. Jayden you are really growning up! I can't wait to see you buddy :)