Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Purple Dress

Dear Kerri-jo

Grandma found just the right little girl for your purple dress today!

Yesterday we tried it on two girls, but it was too big for the one girl and too small for the other. Another Mom who was watching the girls try on the dress said she thought her daughter would be just the right size and she would bring her along tomorrow.
So today her daughter, Linlin came to the Apparent Project. She was very excited about trying your dress on and it fit her perfectly!

She loved it and kept smiling her big smile!

She said to tell you thank you over and over again!

Love, Grandma.


  1. Hey Will, love your blogs! They give us a better understanding of the world around us, and how fortunate we are back here in Canada. Is this post supposed to be in symbols istead of letters? Hope to see you and the two Jays in the summer!

  2. now, now, what a funny font, or is that haitian??? lol mom was glad i was here so i could copy, paste, and then change the font so we all could read it!!! cuz she is not such a star lol *wilis'

  3. That is sooooo special!! Kerri-Jo must be so excited to see another little girl wearing that beautiful dress!

  4. It's lucky for the little girl to have such a nice dress. Keep up the good work!:):)
    Brandon T