Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Walking Talking Wash Machine

I bet you've never had your wash machine talk back? I did. What did my machine say? It said, "Hey, that's my blanket! Don't wash that. Let me take that out!"

My wash machine really enjoys washing. "This is so fun," my machine keeps telling me, as we both jump up and down covered in soap suds. By the time the wash cycle is done soap suds cover the bathroom floor, walls, and toilet seat. Sigh, I must admit it's messier than most.
What is great about my machine is that it's very energy efficient! No big city power bills, not for us, just peanut butter bread and chocolate milk.
Once the machine is finished the wash cycle it does the rinse cycle in a fancy blue wash bin.

Washing clothes is hard work. When my machine gets tired it says, "I'll just lay down for a minute Mom."

I love my little wash machine!


  1. so so cute and fun. I don't have a washing machine right now either, but my little man is to small to help me out like this. =)

  2. Hahahah! Great story! Fun pics!

  3. Ha ha that's so cute! Miss you guys!