Tuesday, June 29, 2010


It’s almost lunch time and I’m getting hungry. Jayden is still napping, so I make my way to the kitchen to see what I can make. After checking the fridge and cupboards and not coming up with any great ideas, I spot the bunch of plantains ripening on my counter.

Hmm.. those would be good! Jason had just brought them back from Jeremie a couple days ago and I now examine them carefully. How do you prepare them again? I wonder. Denise had shown me once before but I just can’t remember all the steps. I guess I could just ask her again, I muse, and make my way outside. “Denise, eske ou ka edem fe banan silvouple? (Denise can you help me make plantains please? “Wi, m kapab.” (Yes, I can) She replies smiling. “Ou vle m friye pou ou?” (Do you want me to fry them for you?) She asks. “Wi, mesi” (Yes, thank you) I reply. I get out my bottle of oil and a pan, as Denise washes the plantains. I then watch as she slices the peel very carefully and cracks the plantain open.

Only one plantain is enough I tell her as she then cuts the plantain in angled slices. She checks the oil and adjusts the temperature.

When it's hot enough she carefully places each piece in the oil.

After a few minutes when they become brown around the edges, she scoops them out of the oil again.

She then instructs me to fill a bowl with filtered water and asks for the box of salt. After putting salt in the water she tests it by spooning some water onto the palm of her hand and tasting it. She then places a fried piece back into the plantain peel and squishes it with her hand.

Once it’s flattened she dips it in the salt water and then fries it again.

I get some napkins to absorb the oil and then arrange the pieces on a plate.
Wow, one plantain makes seven pieces. After giving Denise four for her family, I save the last three pieces for Jayden and I.

What a delicious treat.


  1. Fun! thanks for sharing your snack with us :-) We used to eat something like that in Ecuador. Yum, yum!

  2. That looks good! Mjum!

  3. They look like bananas auntie wil!
    from Mark ter Haar

  4. Hi Mark! Although they look like bananas they are not! Plantains are hard and not sweet. So don't try to fry your bananas at home :)

  5. plantains are some of my very favorite foods!!! Love them. They looked delicious