Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Driving Back!

I shift on the seat and brace myself for the next bump. The road is rough and the tap tap like vehicle I am in has no seat belts.

The air is thick with fumes, so thick I can actually taste the pollution on my lips. The sky is a swirling mass of gray clouds and dirty dust rises up from under our tires. I cough, trying to clear my throat, but the air I breath in to replace what I breathed out is just as bad. I sigh and settle back into my seat. Although the benches are full of Haitian and American ladies, this trip going home is much quieter then it was going to the women's retreat. I shift the back packs and suitcases under my seat so I can stretch my legs into a more comfortable position. Then, not being in the mood to talk, I take time to observe and reflect.

Scrawny dogs dig in the garbage that litters the sides of the dusty roads. Every now and then market vendors clutter the sides of the street, making the already narrow road even narrower. I see bananas, plantains, potatoes, tomatoes, and a whole variety of other dusty fruits and vegetables. Music blares from a stand selling radios, and a man blackened by coal dust, arranges neat little piles of coal to sell. Broken down vehicles are everywhere.

There is nothing uninteresting about what's outside the metal caged vehicle we are driving in, but as I look on, I can't help but realize how normal this has all become to me. This is my life now, Haiti has become my home. No longer do I look at everything with eyes of utter amazement or disbelief, but I now I look with eyes of familiarity and love. This country, these people, have found a way into my heart. As the vehicle bumps along further, I take some time and muse over the last few days. I really loved attending the woman's retreat at Villa Ormiso. Not only did I learn valuable life lessons, I also made new friends. I spend some time reflecting on the teaching sessions, times of singing, and the fun we had playing games and just talking. As the truck comes closer to home, I sit up a little straighter. I can't wait to see Jason and Jayden again! Soon, I'll be home again soon.

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  1. So, true! We all become so accustomed to our surroundings and (for us, our luxuries). So good to reflect. WE are so glad you found the retreat profitable. How regularly are they scheduled?