Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Day With Jayden

Hi, my name is Jayden. I’m almost 2 and live with my Mommy and Daddy in Haiti. I’ve visited a lot of places already in my life. I was born in Chilliwack, lived in Langley, traveled to Ontario, New Jersey, Grand Rapids, lived in Idaho, traveled to California, moved back to Chilliwack and then finally moved with my Mommy and Daddy to Haiti. In Haiti we first lived in a village that had lots of nice animals, but now we live in Port-au-Prince and we have our very own home. I like it here. I have my own bedroom, and even a playroom. Daddy built shelves and a little table and I like playing with my toys. Every morning I wake up around 6:30. Mommy really wishes I would sleep longer, but that’s the time Daddy gets up, so I want to get up too. When Daddy hears I’m awake he lifts me out of my crib and brings me to Mommy who’s still sleeping in bed. I found out that the quickest way to wake her up is to go sit on her head! As she moans and slowly rolls out of bed I run down the hall way to the kitchen. I know I like peanut butter on my bread so I carefully open the pantry and pull out the container of butter and the pot of peanut butter and put them carefully on the counter. Then Mommy won’t be confused about what I want on my bread. Usually I get milk with my breakfast, but I always check it before I drink it. Sometimes Mommy forgets to put “chocolate” in it and I have to remind her. Once I’m done breakfast Mommy washes my hands and face and I remind her that it’s time for “potty”. Usually Mommy will give me a toy or book to play with while I sit, but it never takes long. As soon as I’m done I jump up and down and say “Wow, Wow” and clap my hands. I’ve seen Mommy do that when I’m all done, so I guess that’s what you’re supposed to do. Then I run to the cupboard and help myself to one or two or three candies, before Mommy catches me. Once I’m finished with that and changed out of my pajamas, I tell Mommy I want to go “outside”. Then I go look for my “hat” and “shoes”. I know I’ll need those too. Outside I play with my two friends Nicholas and Sabboule. We put rocks in bottles, fill up my little pool with sand, leaves and rocks, chase each other in the grass, or play with the balloons Mommy gives us. At ten o’clock it’s sleepy time and I sleep till lunch time. After lunch I either play outside again, or if it’s to hot I play inside in the playroom with the fan on. I already know how to turn it off and on all by myself! Sometimes we go to Auntie Jen and Uncle Todd’s house (friends from my Mommy and Daddy) and swim in their big pool. I like that! I also like it when Daddy comes home from work and I can play with him. After supper Mommy usually lets me play for a little while and then I have a bath. At night I’m usually very tired from all my playing so it doesn’t take long for me to fall asleep. Before I fall asleep I also pray with Mommy for all the people back in Canada. Mommy says we are going to visit there soon.


  1. Wow Jayden, your vocabulary is really coming along too! We are very exctied to see you. My mom says that you are coming next week. I will get all my toys ready for you to play with. Sounds like you like to get up early too, I love to do that to my Mom also, that idea about sitting on her head is the best, I will give it a try tomorrow... :) Anyway, have a Good day. See you soon.
    Love Kaelie

    PS (My mom is trying to put me on the potty too, but I don't like it, so I sit there til she gives up, and as soon as she puts my pamper on, I will pee. She doesn't like that :) )

  2. aww... soo adorable i miss my little jaydster !!! Cannot wait to see you guys!! Coming so soon :)

    Luv Nat

  3. Jayden!!! We were just asking our mommy about you, because we heard her tell daddy that she would get to see you and your mommy again! I guess they are going to Chwk too. We don't get to go, but we are working on a surprise for Uncle Michael and Auntie Chantelle anyway. Our mommy thought that was pretty funny about you and the potty. I guess we will wait to see how funny she thinks that is when our new baby starts doing that sort of thing! We are sort of hoping we have a little sister b/c we need a third girl to turn our skipping rope for us! But we're pretty sure that even if we have a brother, we can make him turn our skipping rope for us!

    Anyway, our mommy says it's gonna be snack time so we better go, we're sort of hungry and have been whining awhile for snack! Mommy doesn't really like that much!

    Love Gemma and Carlye