Thursday, February 12, 2009

Moonbeam and Mr. Grump

Waa…waa… It’s early morning and I hear Jayden’s cry. The last few days we’ve been busy traveling to different place so he’s still trying to adjust to his normal routine. I have no idea what time it is, but it’s starting to get light outside so I roll out of bed, pull on some clothes, and go take him out of bed. “Ba? Nana? Nana?” He says as soon as he sees me. He’s hungry and wants a drink. I quickly make us some breakfast and then put on his coat and boots, time to go exploring! We hike down to the river as the clouds swirl through the sky. The wind is blowing strong and the sky changes by the second. Soaking in the beauty we slowly walk on unaware of what’s awaiting us. The first thing we meet down the path is the male turkey, which we nicknamed Mr. Grump. As soon as it sees us his stance changes to attack mode. I lift Jayden into my arms and then search frantically for some rocks or a stick. Finally I find some. This turkey is mean. It’s already attacked several other people by charging at them and sinking its sharp talons right into their legs or arms. I wasn’t about to let that happen to us. I pull myself to my tallest height, brandish my stick like a sword in front of us, and hold the rocks tightly in my fist. I’m not letting that thing get us! Finally it backs off and we go on. Minutes later, we are met by Moonbeam, the calf. It was born at the camp soon after we arrived, but in the last three months it has grown very strong. I notice that his rope is dangling behind him. He’s obviously gotten lose. He ambles over to us and I carefully pet him. He nudges my knee so I let Jayden pet him as well. After several minutes I pick Jayden back up and we walk on. Moonbeam however, has other ideas. He follows us and nudges me harder and harder and it starts to hurt. I can feel a bruise forming on my knee cap. At one point he nudges me so hard I lose my footing and almost roll down the side of the hill. That’s when I know I’m in trouble. I look around wildly for anything that I can use to protect us but the only thing I see is a field of sugar can to my right. The stems just aren’t sturdy enough to do any good. Running now I see a tree in front of me and make a beeline straight for it. The tree is thinner then me, but at least if I keep it between me and the calf I can keep it from head butting us. He keeps trying to come around so we circle faster and faster until I feel like I’m on a merry go round. Finally I make a break for it. It’s a little hard to run carrying a 25 pound baby on my hip, but it’s either fight or flight, and there’s not much fighting I can do while holding Jayden, so I run. Moonbeam comes charging after us but I run faster. There is no way I’m going to let that silly bull run us over. My bruised knee starts to ache but I don’t slow down until I arrive back at the camp. The camp workers fall into hysterics when they see us. “Li mechan” (he is mean) they say “Wi” (yes) I reply. “Mwen Kouri” (I run). They fall into laughing fits again and then go find something they can chase Moonbeam back into the meadow with. One worker finds a plank to push him back with, but she’s no match for the strength of Moonbeam and he easily wins the pushing contest that ensues. Now it’s my turn to laugh! Finally they grab a tree branch and chase him away. What a funny morning. I know I’ll think twice before taking Jayden on that trail again.


  1. Wow Will, you're pretty brave!
    that turkey looks mean.

    Cute picture of Jayden... he's growing up so fast. Please tell me that is not a real gecko on the front of his shirt. With all your exciting stories about animals and making it sound so commonplace to share your house with a bat.... it wouldn't surprise me! Are you seriously not scared of tarantulas? You really are brave!

    Ron, Anita, Gemma, Carlye

  2. Were you more scared of the bull or Jayden? Or did he think this was just a game? I thought as was reading your story that you were running in circle around the tree so that the bulls' rope would also get wound up around the tree and then you would make a bee-line to the village, or was his rope too short. Keep up the good work in your stories writing, we're enjoying every bit of it. Heard that your off to Port-A-Prince already next week. Was hopeing that our parcel would get to you before you left, something in there to show the Haitians. maybe next time your out there.
    We have nothing to complain, when we see those roads, our potholes after the snow and cold winter is nothing in comparision to there.
    Bye love Mom

  3. Hello Wil, is life always so exciting for you?! i'm glad ot hear all is well, it's great reading your updates! Take care and Hi to Jay-- my paperwork seems to keep taking leaps and bounds too, it's been very exciting!
    Love Lena

  4. Hoi Willemien,
    Leuk om je belevenissen te lezen.Je moet een boek uitgeven!
    Je kan heel boeiend schrijven.
    Jayden heeft jouw ogen en verder lijkt hij op zijn vader.Leuk ventje!
    Greetings from Holland

  5. Hey Will, hope you, Jason and Jayden are doing well, just love your stories! This story about the turkey reminds me of our "pet turkey" who met his sad demise when one day out of the blue he attacked my son Tristen who was only 4 yrs old at the time... David went out and knocked it on the head with a broom, Tom the turkey died... and so did my broom:( Yup, I could feel your panic as turkeys do NOT make the most pleasant of pets! Take care:)
    auntie Jenny

  6. Hi Wil

    Just caught up to your stories!!! I can totally visualize your amazing experiences! Isn't it amazing how God leads us into places where we absolutely would never have dreamed of. . .and it sounds like you are even enjoying it (the nursing. . .) Keep strong and take care. Love your blog.