Saturday, August 16, 2008

Help Ship our Belongings!!

(photo taken by fellow MAFer Michael Broyles)

We have begun the painstaking task of packing / purchasing all of the items that we will need for the move to Haiti. We have been told that most household items are much more expensive in Haiti or not even available. Thus we have begun looking for appliances, small furniture items and more that we will be needing to live in Haiti.


  1. We have access to your blog site!
    Hope all goes well with the flying this week!

  2. Hi Jay & Will - just wanted to let you know that you will be receiving a brand new camera when you are back in Chilliwack!! This camera has 7.1 mega pixels, 10x digital zoom etc.
    When I read that your camera broke, I decided that this is something I'd like to do for you! I'm only posting this here so that you know and don't have to spend time shopping for one - sounds like you're doing quite the shopping already so this is one thing you can take off your list!

  3. Week 1 of flight training done. Hope all goes well for the following weeks. All the best on the 5th move tomorrow! to a new apartment.