Saturday, July 12, 2008

Driving to Idaho

How do you make a long story short? Well, I guess we can sum in up that we had an eventful trip, and are truly thankful for God’s care and protection for bringing us here safely. Wednesday started bright and early at 5:30 in the morning. Although we had worked till 12:30 the night before there were still a lot of last minute things that needed to get done. Finally, two hours later then planned we rolled out of our apartment, our car loaded full of stuff. I had so many bags of my lap I could hardly move and was contemplating how fun it was to sit this way for the next 11 hours! Border waits were not too bad, after about a half an hour it was our turn. Little did I know that four hours later we would still be sitting there, feeling like criminals!! We were denied entry into the US and detained at the customs building. Not permitted to use cell phones, fax, or computer, we were left prey to the US BP for interrogation. We begged, we pleaded, we reasoned, we cried, but all to no avail. You’re wasting your time, you have now been officially refused entry to the US, return to Canada immediately they said. In tears, with a screaming, and by now hungry child in tow, I was pretty upset. Now what? We had just signed the sale contract to our house, and the new owners would be moving in less then month from now. Where else could we do this training? No where? Dejectedly we drove back to Abbotsford. We got MAF to fax another letter to us at a local bank, and drove to the next border crossing to give it a try there. We were shocked / amazed when we were permitted to cross - no questions asked! Miracles still happen today! We drove south without looking back, and arrived in sunny Nampa 8:00 PM the following day.

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